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    Consulting is just business-speak for giving advice and getting things done. We do this to help people and brand communicate. Mostly we support them by delivering exciting events and innovative initiatives. Our team have experience in delivering results for small intimate team events to large scale, global meetings for some of the world’s most famous brands. This experience includes:

    • Design and delivery of internal communications programmes – employer brand messaging, internal launch of services and initiatives
    • Management of content for large scale leadership events – global events coordinated over multiple geographical regions
    • Pitching support – supporting individuals and organisations on the development and creation of winning pitches and memorable keynotes
    • Management of digital communications programmes – leading multiple suppliers to develop and deliver digital services




    We have heaps of experience in helping groups of people get from A to B to wherever they need to be (sometimes places that aren’t even letters of the alphabet!) We’ve helped small leadership teams to whole conference centres full of people. We pride ourselves in getting under the skin of a subject to fully understand what each situation needs. We can support:

    • Creative ideas sessions – helping you to come up with your next brilliant idea, product or service
    • Strategy sessions – supporting you to bring the top people together to steer the ship in the right direction
    • Brand building – supporting you to shape your brand story and activate it for your people and customers

    workshops & coaching

    As well as providing expert advice and creating content, we help others to do it themselves. We’ve run workshops of all shapes and sizes – from individual skills development on storytelling to large keynote events for hundreds. Our way of working is engaging, entertaining and above all effective. Our core areas of expertise are:

    • Story crafting – understanding and employing the tools of a great storyteller to craft exciting content that sells and inspires
    • Story sharing – taking a story and telling it to others in a way that fires their brains and bodies into action
    • Pitching and presenting – it’s an everyday part of today’s workplace, we have to sell ourselves and our ideas as well as our products and services. Selling has changed. People want a consulting approach to empower them to buy what they need.
    • Creative action – we develop people to be able to generate their own brilliant ideas and turn those ideas into useful products and services
    • Writing – in our online age the written word is more important than ever. We email, we tweet, we post, we blog. Even when we’re creating wonderful visual media, we are best served by good writing first. We know good brand writing and we help others to craft it.
    • Advanced Storytelling – using the tips and tricks of the best digital story masters we support business in the technique of Transmedia Storytelling. We help them to build stories over a number of media while creating a compelling central story


    Creating work is what we live for. It’s the heart of what we do. We love helping other people develop and build things, but we love doing it ourselves even more! The team are experts in creating:

    • Stories – we know how they work and how to tell them, from a single voice to a tale woven across multiple media
    • Words that sell – we all have years of experience in writing brand copy and ghostwriting for an individual’s tone of voice
    • Content for events – managing the look and feel, building branded event materials, creating presentations.
    • Content for digital storytelling – building online brand materials, linking to social media and brand blogs
    • Event scripting – we’ve brought a number of events to life by crafting engaging, informative and often humorous spoken word content like keynote speeches and entertainment at team events

our story method

  • the beginning

    At the start of the story, the central character is often set a challenge – we start by exploring the world of your story and identify what needs solving.

  • the middle

    The character is thrown into a time of struggle and challenge to achieve their desires – we work with you to establish the right level of challenge and identify potential struggles.

  • the end

    The character achieves what she was looking for while learning new things she never knew she needed – we work towards clear outcomes that you can measure in the behaviour of your people or customers.

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