Geraint - Head of Learning

Geraint is a specialist and facilitator with a wealth of experience in developing people. He runs our workshops and learning team to ensure we deliver the right content to achieve results. His background is in the arts, communication and facilitation. Along with story and brand, Geraint also specialises in leadership, encouraging leaders of all levels of experience to better understand themselves, and those that they lead and to be able to tell their story with aplomb. Geraint also actively participates in singing and theatrical events.

Simon - Head of Story

Simon is a creative consultant and facilitator with over 25 years experience in the arts, communications and people development. He leads consultancy at Grow the Story and specialises in helping others to communicate more effectively and collaborate with more creativity. He has a wealth of experience in helping brands and individuals craft and share effective stories. Simon consults with a variety of businesses on story content, creative story-based learning design, and internal communications initiatives to improve brand culture. He is also an active theatre-maker both as a writer, composer and producer.

Jonny - Head of Play

Jonny runs al things playful (design and build) at Grow the Story, providing the team with everything they need to deliver exciting, creative development and consultancy. He crafts story content, designs workshops and builds interactive games to bring sessions and stories to life. Jonny also runs all Grow the Story’s social media platforms and marketing. He even managed to find the time to co-author a book: Brand U: Building a Personal Brand.

We are people interested in other people, their businesses and their stories. We want to know what makes people tick, and for that matter, what makes them tock (poor tock never really gets a look in, does it?)

We come from backgrounds in the arts, communications and learning. We have spent the last 20 years in various roles within, or consulting with, a variety of global organisations.

What else should you know… We like theatre, playing games, good food (too much?), good wine (definitely too much!), film, quiz nights, sci-fi, comics, cat videos (or dog videos – don’t panic dog lovers!) and getting lost in a great book!