No More “News” & Stories That Steer

I can’t watch the news anymore. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s saturation. The world is “going to hell in a handbag” and I just don’t feel like bearing witness anymore. Watching is getting us nowhere. I look at some of the images of (let’s be honest mostly right wing) politicians in the UK and US and all I see is control and hate. But then of course I know that these photos are selected for that purpose. Every picture of wide-gobbed Farage is like a dental examine in progress and the GOP leadership looks like the meeting of a Mr Burns look-a-like competition. But it seems to make no difference. People want a buffoon or a bastard it seems.

The facts mean nothing anymore, it’s all about the story.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story (you might have noticed). But I guess I hanker for the days when news was news more than opinion… Ironic I guess as this is just my opinion. It’s an area I’ll probably explore in future posts, but for now I just thought I’d muse on the misery a little. Oh wait, it’s sunny outside! Forget all that, I’m off to run in fields and eat jam!