The Freedom of Fiefdoms

I write a lot these days. In a number of different places and with a number of different hats. There’s story hat, communications hat, creativity hat, learning & development hat, leadership hat, behaviour hat, tiny hat (Amy!) or… well there are a lot of hats.

So here, I hope, all the hats can converge into a single space where my brain can just dump its stuff out on the web for no one nowhere to ever read.

Sounds like fun, right? I hope so.

In all fairness the story theme will probably take over, as it tends to take over all my work and play in the end.

Watch (or don’t) this space… are you watching? It’s my little fiefdom of phrases (and poor grammar) and a place where I can be free, freeeeeeeeeee!


DISCLAIMER: all opinions are those of the author and not of someone else who may or may not have an opinion that could be considered as counter to or in alignment with the opinion of the author or some such phrase about if you don’t like what’s written don’t read it sort of thing.