The Power of Story: The Chide of Frankenstein

A few weeks ago we held a storytelling workshop with our sister company Just Add Water. Twenty people from a variety of organisations joined us to celebrate World Storytelling Day. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing some of the crazy and marvellous stories the participants created. Here’s the first. Hope you enjoy…

The Chide of Frankenstein

Once upon a time Frankenstein’s monster met a beautiful woman called The Bride and they instantly fell in love. Frankie, as The Bride referred to him, was the ruler of the kingdom and was a great catch.
Frankie wanted to marry The Bride immediately, so arrangements were made with The High Priestess to exchange rings. The High Priestess didn’t like The Bride and was secretly an evil witch, so she decided to curse the Bride’s ring. The curse was this; if Frankie was ever unfaithful then The Bride’s finger would itch, getting worse with every unfaithful act until it became unbearable. Eventually the itch would send The Bride into a frenzy and she would kill her husband. With Frankie dead, the Bride would be executed and the High Priestess would take the throne.

Curses come with conditions; the ring could be removed if the wedding was annulled, and The Bride would then rule the kingdom as Queen. Because the High Priestess was thoroughly evil, she also charmed Frankie’s wedding ring so that every woman would be attracted to him, and temptation was there whenever he left the castle.

The High Priestess had a pet dragon who was present when the spells were being cast. He had a kind heart and tried to stop the The High Priestess by stealing the rings.  But he failed, and in her fury she cursed him too, taking away his ability to fly and turning him into a cowardly wretch. The dragon’s curse would only be broken if he found the courage to face his fear and take control. With that, he skulked away into the darker corners of the castle.

The wedding went without a hitch, and rings were exchanged. The spells went to work.

At first everything was fine. Frankie and The Bride went everywhere around the kingdom together. But the affections of women around Frankie made The Bride very uncomfortable.  So she decided to stay at home in the castle and not think about it. And then one night, her finger started to itch…

Three months later Frankie had moved out and was living in the summer castle across the kingdom. The Bride had realised that the ring made her finger itch whenever Frankie was unfaithful, and he was getting so much attention she kicked him out.  And because he was living outside the castle, Frankie had more and more opportunities to be unfaithful. The Bride was miserable, much to the secret delight of the High Priestess.

The Bride shared her misery with a timid dragon she found hiding in the dark corners of the castle, who hardly ever spoke. She was kind to him because he listened to her problems. Over time the dragon began to speak in a whisper, and one day he said “why don’t we go to your husband and hand him divorce papers? I can’t fly but I know all the roads of this kingdom. I can drive you to him.”

The Bride told the High Priestess of her plan and her decision to drive out to the summer castle to end the marriage. The High Priestess was concerned because the itching hadn’t yet tipped The Bride into frenzy, so she decided to cast one more spell that would make sure she was pushed over the edge.
The next morning the dragon and The Bride set off in their car across the land, and the High Priestess cast her spell; when they reached the woods that surrounded the summer castle, the trees would become an ever shifting maze with no way out until The Bride became so enraged she was ready to kill Frankie.

Soon The Bride and the dragon reached the enchanted woods and took a road that looked like it led directly to the summer castle. However the roads began to twist and turn and kept leading back on themselves.  The dragon and The Bride drove around for days; always in sight of summer castle but never any closer. The Bride was getting angrier and angrier; her finger was burning hotter and hotter with each day as Frankie continued with his infidelity.

Finally the itch pushed The Bride over the edge, and she snapped at the dragon “I’m going to kill him! I can’t bear the pain anymore!”  The frenzy was upon her. At that moment, woods parted showing the road to the summer castle. The dragon remembering the curse of The High Priestess, roared in desperation “Stop! You cannot kill Frankie! You must do this the way we planned and serve papers!”

The roar broke the dragon’s curse and his wings worked again. Gracefully he rose from the car into the sky, to the amazement of The Bride, who quite forgot her frenzy.  After swirling in the air a couple of times he swooped down and picked up The Bride, confidently returning to the skies.

The dragon said in a rich baritone voice “I’ve been under a curse all this time from The High Priestess – she’s an evil witch! She’s the reason your finger burns. When you serve divorce papers your curse will be broken and the Kingdom will be yours! Hold tight and I’ll take you to Frankie!”

The dragon flew The Bride over the enchanted woods to the summer castle. The dragon mediated the signing of the divorce papers, threatening to burn the castle down if Frankie didn’t follow orders. The Bride was barely able to contain her rage in Frankie’s presence, but as soon as he signed his name The Bride’s ring loosened on her finger and fell to the ground. The Bride’s curse was broken.

It was a sad moment, but both Frankie and the Bride would soon find happiness. The Bride became Queen, and Frankie was allowed to keep the Summer Castle. The Bride made the dragon her Chief Advisor and his first act was to banish The High Priestess forever.

And so justice was done, and everyone got what they deserved!

The End.

Jonny 🙂
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